Current Projects and Plans

Hi, I do a lot of things.  Here’s what I’m working on currently.


  • Brew City Half 2017
  • Wisconsin Half 2017
  • Every Kid Needs A Super Hero 5k. 2017
  • Lighthouse Run 10 miler 2017
  • Chicago Marathon 2017
  • Drumstick Dash 10k at Lake Harriet 2017
  • Stuff the Sleigh 5k. 2017
  • Superhero Run 5k 2018
  • Milwaukee Half, April 6, 2019
  • Chicago Marathon, 2020.


  • Rapier betterment
  • Heavy auth

Mending and Improving:

  1. Exquisite tackiness lined and completely flat felled. (40% flat felled right now)
  2. Fix back pleats on the Italian gown. (Pinned, just needs to be sewn into place. )
  3. New Sleeves for the blue Cotehardie.  (Boring, but I’m hulking out of my sleeves). 
  4. Will I never be done with these meddlesome smocks?  (No, serves you right for angry seam ripping)
  5. Line the Italian for 12th night.  Eff this.
  6. Burgundian shenanigans


  1. Teal Cote
  2. Fancy sleeves for reasons.
  3. Red Cote
  4. Gold Avignon Cota.
  5. Another under tunic for cotehardies
  6. Avignon/savoy type over dress.
  7. Brown Wool cote with a waist seam (December 2, 2017)
  8. Ghost Busters Period Costume. (January 27, 2018)
  10.  Houppelande:  The Re-houppening. (April 2018 Crown)
  11. New and improved Cota. (Before camping season really starts? Or when I find the perfect wool. Whatever.)


  1. Garters for my stockings.  (Summer 2017)
  2. Apron   (Summer 2017)
  3. necklace (Jewelry making supplies finally acquired)
  4. better cap   (Summer 2017)
  5. Even Better than the better cap.
  6. Hair ties 
  7. Hood  (Fabric Acquired)
  8. Cloak (fabric acquired)  (Fall 2017)
  9. Shoes.  Purchased.  Whatever, make my own later.
  10. Sheath for my rapier.


  1. Make serged bag blanks to teach folks basic hand sewing.
  2. Whipcording – Learn it, Teach it.
  3. C&I beginner’s kit.

Autocrating and other responsibilities

  1. Border Skirmish 2017 2018
  2. MOASing
  3. Rapier Marshal Training


  1. How I made my fencing bib and quit wearing a hood.
  2. The Durer fencing coat.
  3. Avignon/savoy overdress.


  • #100daysofas Redux


  1. First Person Persona 101 (Currently teaching this with Bazyli from Nordskogen)
  2. Persona 101:  Who am I?  How did I get here?  What do I wear?  (appropriate for newbies)
  3. I like big butts and I cannot lie:  Period Ideal Silhouettes and Period Appropriate Tailoring. ( First taught at Boar’s Head, 2017)
  4. Supporting the Girls:  Breast support, both period and modern for the SCA. (Not done yet)
  5. How to live in a college town:  An in persona discussion of college town life.  (Being taught at Warriors and Warlords and Pennsic 2018.)