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Weekend Project: A Norse Saga.

A quick prelude to this narrative before we get too far:  I have ADHD.  Mostly inattentive type.  I am spacey as hell.  I have a professional diagnosis.  But it’s better if you think of ADHD less as “SQUIRREL” and more of an inability to regulate focus.  This means I can be really spacey or I… Continue reading Weekend Project: A Norse Saga.

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Patterning Late 15th century French Coifs

Caps? Coifs? Hoods? Whatever France, 1490s headwear for the ladies!  This is the handout for the class I taught in November.  I will say that Madamoiselle Hemiole’s version is my current favorite.   But with very small updates, this is the same text that was taught then. Last updated November 10, 2018 – Stellar University of… Continue reading Patterning Late 15th century French Coifs