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Same thing we do every year, Pinky.  Try to take over the world.


Ok, this year, the plans are…. BIGGER, BETTER, but fewer of them.  In approximate order:


  • New Avignon Coat for Tacky Garb ball. (January 27th)
  • Coifs coifs coifs research on coifs (February 10ish)
  • Houpeland.
  • Border Skirmish 15: Why am I doing this again?
  • 1780s Sage green Italian Gown (because I want one.)
    • And stays
    • and a butt (I’ve half an ass right now)
    • and a smock
    • and a petticoat
    • BNF599ooooand a hat
    • and a cap
    • and a fichu
  • New Avignon gown/bnf 599 dress. (Because look at those sleeves.)
  • 1908  slinky Dress  (Again, because I want one)
  • 1909 Suit  (It’s pretty dapper)
  • Partlet that works
  • Secret project of secrecy.
  • Secret Project of Secrecy 2

I also probably need to make another smock for my medieval stuff and I should work on my skirt for fencing.  But those are low priority projects.  Procrasti-projects.

I’m also hoping to cut back on some stuff, work on spending time relaxing and for refreshment of the creative and mental juices.  I left 2017 really burned out on everything in my life so I’m hoping that 2018 will be the start of a new, more balanced time. I’m going to work to expand my skills and execution of those skills this year.

Not saying 2017 was bad, my mad costuming streak helped improve my skills and gave me more confidence as a seamstress.  It also helped because now I have a wardrobe to be proud of.  I can mix and match and have a look that is anywhere from 1350-1540 or just hang out in the 1480-90s.  I have most of my crap together, except for my partlet (Fie on you, partlet).  But I need to take a few (several) chill pills, and I can do that now.  I can do almost a week of war with what I currently have in clothing.

I’m hoping that this down time will help me get more into baking (mmmm bread), fighting (stabby stabby, hit with stick) and cleaning up the classes I’ve taught so they are better and more helpful.

That’s the scuttlebutt.


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