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End of the Year Round Up

I made so much stuff.  This is belated as heck.

The list of things I remember:

– Stripey Dress
– Smock X 2
– Yellow Linen Coat
– Yellow and Black Linen Tudorish gown (90% handsewn)
– Teal Linen, short sleeved Cotehardie
– Brown wool Cotehardie (80% hand sewn?)
– Red Sleeveless Kirtle (80% handsewn)
– Green Avignon gown of terribleness.
– Apron
– Caps x 3
– Loaner shirt for fencing
– Garters
– Added zipper to a donated coat for fencing
– Gold Sleeves

– Blue Sleeves and Belt (for someone else)
– Bum roll  (also for someone else)
– Terrible Yarn
– Table Cloth

I also:

-Taught 5 Classes (3 persona, 1 dance, 1 tailoring)
-Autocrated an event
-Stabbed people.
-Got to the start line of the Chicago Marathon, but did not finish.
-Learned to lucet not terribly.
-Made some not terrible tasting things
-Learned to cook over an open fire.


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