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Removing plastic backing

Not all of us can afford period silk brocade.  There’s always saving up, but sometimes you get a bit crazy and buy that cheap fabric with a plastic backing, telling yourself it will be FIIIINE and then you wear it and nearly die.  Or there was a sale and you now have unusable stash. There is a solution!

The solution requires 3 things you probably already have:

  1. Your almost perfect fabric.
  2. An Iron
  3. Wax paper

Directions:   Set your iron for polyester.  Place your fabric, backing up, on your ironing surface.  Put about a 6-10 inch long piece of wax paper on your fabric.  Iron.

After a short time, probably about a minute or so, check to see if you can peel the backing off.  It should peel off pretty easily in largish chunks. If it stops being easy to strip off, stop and re-iron until it gets warm again.

Repeat until your fabric is no longer covered in terribleness.

This is pretty tough on the wax paper (it will rip) and the plastic backings cool down quickly, so don’t iron more than you can easily pull off in one go.  Also, the backing will be hot to the touch.  Exercise common sense.

TADA!  Your fabric is now not horrible!

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