So, now what?

I finished the dress of exquisite tackiness, and now I have a nice month in which to RUN CONSTANTLY and then repair and improve things and work on accessories.  Time to review the to-do list.

Mending and Improving:

  1. Exquisite tackiness lined and completely flat felled. (Half lined, 33% flat felled right now. At an event for display so I can’t work on it again until next week.)
  2. Fix back pleats on the Italian gown. (Pinned, just needs to be sewn into place. )
  3. New Sleeves for the blue Cotehardie.  (Boring, but I’m hulking out of my sleeves).


  1. Teal Cote
  2. Fancy sleeves for reasons.
  3. Another under tunic for cotehardies
  4. Avignon/savoy type over dress.


  1. Garters for my stockings.
  2. Apron
  3. necklace
  4. better cap
  5. Hair ties  Done!
  6. Hood  (Fabric Acquired)
  7. Cloak
  8. Shoes.
  9. Sheath for my rapier.


  1. How I made my fencing bib and quit wearing a hood.
  2. The Durer fencing coat.

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