I don’t make mistakes, I create teachable moments

If you all are following me on facebook (which HI FACEBOOK PEOPLE I KNOW YOU IN REAL LIFE) you might have noticed that I mention running… a lot.   I was a runner before I joined the SCA and I hope to be a runner for the rest of my life, health permitting.

This year, I’ll be running my first marathon in Chicago, so things are gonna get… weird.

SCA Runners are like “Hey, that’s not period.” From

I have already started planning out my training for the year, signing up for other races, and planning around events.  Or just running right through events.  I’ll be racing a half marathon in the morning and attending the Northshield Fighter’s Symposium in the afternoon, running 8+ miles during a camping event, and generally eating anything in sight.  After July, I’m gonna probably be super focused on running, so don’t expect to see me at many events because apparently those 15 mile + runs really take it out of you.

So, if you see me at an event, just offer me some food or water.  I will love you forever.

I will look approximately like this:

Thank you, the Oatmeal, for accurately describing me.

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