Current project update


I have a few projects on the table right now with their due dates:

  • Dress of wonderfully tacky A&S doom (January 6)
  •  Gothic Fitted dress (December 3)
  • Avignon Overdress from terrible Burgundian. (December 3, because wearing the same dress to the same event twice by making it look radically different is the most medieval)
  • Fancy/Flannel over sleeves for gothic fitted dress because I’ll be wearing it in December and I get cold. (December 3)
  • New fencing shirt (Ehhh, sooner is better.)
  • New fencing doublet. (December 3, gotta look good for Boar’s Head, yo.)
  • Cape for non-rigid parry.
  • Buckler
  • Drop spindle of appropriate sturdiness.
  • Christmas knitting. (Christmas)

I guess I should start really training these kids to sew faster.  You think their parents would lend them to me?

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