Reasons to Get a house.

I am trying to be a good SCA-dian, but I live in an apartment.  This makes things like, say, soaking linen, problematic in a small space.  I recently got 19 yards of linen in 3 different colors and two different weights.  I live in a carpeted apartment with a lease agreement that says I cannot dry anything outside.

imag0242.jpgFirst:  the tub.

I only have space for one tub in my house and that’s in the bathroom.  It’s also not long enough.  I soaked my blue linen on Saturday and got to watch the dye leech out onto my nice clean tub though!


The other problem is drying space.  Namely, I have none.

Here is how I dry some of my linen fabric:

imag0255.jpg Yes, that is my bike.  Yes, linen is hanging off my bike.

I DESPERATELY need a back yard.

On the other hand, heat and water are covered in rent, which helps out in the winter.

Soon, I’m getting in five 3 yard pieces of linen in different colors for my super secret project.  Heaven help us all.


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