Net Cap puns go here


“Nothing but net” seemed a bit on the nose for the title.  “Net worth” is a dumb title.

So, I am making a fancy type net cap for my Italian.  It is mostly done, but I thought I’d talk about how I did it since instructions range from the “make the net yourself” to “this link is broken.”

None of this was helpful.  I don’t make net.  I don’t want to deal with resurrecting old sites in my down time. I had no idea what to do.  Until I thought, “Lets weave this out of yarn.”  That ended badly, because there was nothing supporting the yarn after I had sewn it together.  I decided that my net needed an additional supporting bit of fabric.

So, here is my tutorial for how to make yourself a nifty Italian net cap thingy for ladies of dubious historical accuracy and little time because why are you looking that closely at my head, you weirdo.

Tools required:

  • Ribbon.  Narrow ribbon and 5/8ths ribbon.  Just get a spool each, call it a day.
  • A fine net fabric. You will need less than a half yard.  Less than a foot.  This is a good time to make other things out of that fabric so maybe get a bit more than you need.
  • Thread in the color of your net/ribbon.
  • Slide rule or other ruler.
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or a small corkboard.
  • Pins.  ALL OF THE PINS.

Step One: Cut out some fabric.  

I am in the process of making a partlet.  Italian partlets look like they are roughly diagonal rectangles and squares, except with the points over the shoulder chopped off.  Well, what do you do when you have a hole for the neck and two triangle bits of netting?  You sew the two triangle bits together and then make an eye shape by tracing around a bowl and then cutting it so its broadly eye shaped.  Stick this to your cardboard or corkboard with some pins, thumbtacks or whatever you have handy.

Step Two:  get some ribbon and make a evenly spaced grid


This part is the most annoying.  You will need to take your narrow ribbon and tack it to the other side of your net in even spaces going both ways.  Use the pins to tack down the ends of the ribbon to the net.  Try to make it as evenly spaced as possible.

Step Three:  Weave that Ribbon.

There are two ways to do this.

  1.  Do it like a lattice pie crust.   Untack one end of the ribbons on one side. Alternating rows, flip one end back.  Then put your cross ribbon down.  Flip your ribbons back.  The ones that you didn’t flip back, flip those back.  Do the next ribbon.  Continue until you run out of ribbons.
  2. Weave like you were taught in girl scouts.  Alternating rows, go under over under over.  Continue until you’re done.

Step Four:  Sew that ribbon down.

Ok, this took a bit of work for me to figure out and while it isn’t most fiddly bit, it is the time consuming bit.

wp-1473720406036.jpg Start by sewing through the first set of crossed ribbons.  Stick that needle in there and put one stitch in through the ribbon and netting.





Then do a basic Cross stitch, making sure to catch the netting every time.So, through the middle, catty corner to one side, up the side, catty corner to the next side.

When you’re done with one crossed bit of ribbon, put the needle through underneath the ribbon to the next set of crossed ribbons and repeat the process.     All done?  Remove the pins.  You can GENTLY tug on the outside strings to change the shape of the cap slightly.

Step Five:  Put the edging on.

Tack down the ends so they are wp-1473720370581.jpgturned under.  Take your 5/8ths ribbon and fold it in half.  If you are a smart person, you’d iron it.  I am not a smart person, so I didn’t.

Sew those edge bits in under a pretty bit of ribbon using small stitches, the choice of which is up to you.  I like the back stitch for pretty much everything, so that’s what I used.

Step Six:  Add some pretty pretty beads.

Use this instructable for details.  Mine’s not done yet, but trust me, it’s pretty so far.  You want to have beads where the ribbons cross.

Step Seven:  Add some things to hold it on your head.

Toupee clips are popular.  To be period, attach some cord on the pointy ends so you can tie it under your chin. Or ya know, bobby pins and hairspray.

Step Eight:  Enjoy your new pretty net cap and hair accessory.



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