Giorneas, and v-necks, and cats, oh my.

Swishy swishy fabric.  Helpful helpful cat.  He did this for 20 minutes.  It was an exciting time for my furry little friend.  Labor day weekend projects for the win.

Does it match?

I made my giornea according to Cathelina di Alessandri’s instructions from 2014.  It took like two weeks of staring at it before I finally did the thing, because my fabric is pretty and swishy and probably not period but whatever, it makes pretty noises and changes color.

Disdainful Nobility look:  Nailed.

I think the part I found the most difficult, aside from dealing with my tiny furry helper, was deciding the v-neck size in the front and the back and then matching them up when I made one side have a larger seam allowance than the other.  These things happen.

I do need to take the shoulders in slightly, because they keep falling off.  I seem to have problems with shoulders in general.  I tend to make them too wide, and maybe this is a normal human sewing thing. We all secretly long for the 1980s and huge shoulder pads.


But in the end I took some very dramatic photos in my bathroom to the dulcet tones of Rihanna and Nikki Minaj.


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