What does an injured runner do?

Apparently sew, and bike, a fencing, and sew some more because none of it is running.  Someone make the next 5 weeks pass faster, I’m a bit twitchy.  This post and the next one will have been things I did in one weekend because not running 10 miles gives me magical sewing power.

I made sleeves over the weekend and a giornea.  Giornea is another post, so SLEEVES.


The sleeves are still sort of in process in that I have to add a third tie to them, but they are done, and they fit and now I can look disdainfully down at my camera.

I used these directions from a now defunct site to make the sleeves.  They are a tad narrow in the elbows right now, so I may move the slit a tad further up for more freedom of movement.  To draft the curves at the top of the shoulder I used my handy french curve measuring thing that has a proper name I always forget and measured my arm in two inch intervals all the way down.

I need to make a new camicia because I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter for the old one, because reasons?

(My reasons for not following the instructions are that basically I didn’t want to use as much fabric.  That’s it.  Now I’ll be using that much fabric AND the stuff I used to make this originally, so lessons learned, eh?)

Sleeves aren’t as scary as I thought!


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