Failure · Projects

Long Time, no blog; Or our author demonstrates her ADHD.

Well, here is a tale of failure and woe.  My houppelande failed punch test, so back to the drawing board.  I’m not authorized to fight this weekend (Come see me at the gate during Middle/Northshield Border Skirmish this weekend) so I’ve placed my vest on hold.  If this one doesn’t pass, I might cry.

Other than that, I ran my first half marathon, lost 5lbs, got diagnosed with ADHD and severe anxiety; and I got a 5K PR (~27:00).   Life is crazy and now  I am both literally and figuratively running around.

If anyone wants to run part of 10 miles with me at Border Skirmish, let me know.  I don’t want to run by myself at 6am. But run with me for 2+ miles please?

Current projects:

Houp is not dead, it will be fixed later.  How?  It’s a mystery.

But I need something to fight in now, so I’m making a vest.  Pattern used?  Made my own, because I am a buxom lady.

I’m also making an Italian dress from about 1510 so I don’t have to wear a bra this weekend.  Pattern used?  Made my own, based off of our Chatelaine’s dress, pictures, and conversation with her. More on this shortly.

Chemise/camisia.  Pattern used?  Ellen de la Palma’s pattern

I taught myself to knit!  I’m making a shawl for this weekend.  Pattern? Boneyard Shawl in grey cotton yarn.

I got myself a sun hat because I’m allergic to daylight and have huge hair and a slightly larger than usual lady head.  Where?  Party City.  How? Festiveattyre’s Beachcomber Hat Reshaping tutorial  Pictures coming once I make it look prettier (I’m adding a ribbon and maybe some dried flowers, but time’s a factor).

Blue dress:  Can’t take it in anymore, but I’ll be working on the lacing this week.  I also shortened the sleeves because I have ridiculously long arms and short sleeves are happier in 80+F.



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