Houppelande: Punch Tested, Historically Approved

When will I learn to look for patterns online and actually follow them before going off half-cocked?

Probably never.

The current project is a Houppelande that does two things:

  • Passes Punch Test.
  • Is relatively close to historically accurate for 1460s Italian men.

Bonus things:

  • Designed with my current weight fluxuations in mind  (I’ve lost 4 lbs since I last took in my kirtle and I don’t want to take in my fencing garb frequently)
  • Is reversible (Not a historic consideration, but sometimes you want to switch your look up).

After one false start that I failed to take pictures of, I am now on the right path. The path of actual Houp construction.

Inspiration Picture:

Augustine at the School of Taghaste By Benozzo Gozzoli

Pattern link:




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